The Price to Pay

Hello everyone,

A man has been killed. In his own house. During his own birthday party. The dead man’s father has a fit when he found the body, and ended up in hospital. From there, he’s engaged the services of Sebastian Dakar to find out which of the guests killed his son, even although it appears none of them could have. And given their success on the last occasion, Dakar wants Stewart Scott along for the ride…

But this time, as Stewart gradually matures into the adventures, Dakar is going to be facing some uncomfortable presences from his past life that will shock even his Zen mindset, and possibly even reset it.

Yes, book two in the Dakar and Scott series is now upon us. I’m hugely excited to say it’ll appear on Amazon on 15 December, in one month’s time, and even more excited that Endeavour Media, the publishers, putting it on pre-release from 18 November onwards. Yes, in two days.

As always, these things are never solo endeavours. A big thanks to all the alpha readers of the text; you improved it hugely. I also love the cover – I think it’s fantastic. So a big thank you to Endeavour Media and their creative team for not only creating the cover, but also putting up with my nitpicking until we got to the final one.

And to everyone who read the first one, I hope you enjoyed it and you enjoy the second one. If I can add one thing (which I’ll be repeating…), if you do get the second one and read it, please leave a review on Amazon. I can’t stress how important they are. I know it can be annoying, but I would really appreciate it. And it’s never too late to leave a review (if, say, you’d read the first one and forgotten to leave a review the first time around…)

Anyway, enough rambling from me. I hope everyone has a great Friday/weekend